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Episode 64:

In this episode we discuss Alex’s background story, acknowledging the power of art, the role of art in psychedelic integration, thoughts on having creative block, the important relationship between trauma and art, Alex’s fascination with mycology, learning how to live/die well as an elder, Alex’s “imperfect” sculptures and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment
01:49 – Introduction
04:19 – Alex’s Background Story
07:13 – Why Do People Gain Respect For These Medicines?
15:12 – The Reason For Creating “Today’s Vibe”
18:28 – Acknowledging The Power Of Art
26:30 – The Role Of Art In Psychedelic Integration
30:56 – Alex’s Sculpture Work, One Of His Pieces
36:40 – Thoughts On Having Creative Block
43:38 – The Relationship Between Trauma And Art
49:13 – Alex’s Fascination With Mycology/Fungi
54:19 – Being Flexible With Creativity, Collaboration
1:00:25 – Learning How To Live/Die Well As An Elder
1:07:01 – Alex’s “Imperfect” Pieces, Private Exhibit
1:13:44 – Last Words
1:18:24 – Outro

About Alexander:
Alexander is a Berlin-based, mixed-media artist working across sculpture, mycology (biology of fungi), and the mystical.
Connect with Alexander:
Website: https://www.alexandermain.com/

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