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Episode 31:

In this episode, we deep-dive into Api’s life story and discuss her mission working with children as an occupational therapist, as well as her ceremonial work involving music.


00:00 – Introduction

01:24 – Api’s Story

05:40 – Working With Special Needs Children

12:50 – Integrating Music With Occupational Therapy

14:32 – Connecting With Music

17:10 – Why Are People Scared Of Singing?

23:26 – Music Is Medicine

25:37 – How Psychedelics Influenced Api’s Journey

30:56 – Vibrational Frequencies All Around Us

32:46 – Tribal Experiences With Music

35:22 – How The Pandemic Has Affected People

38:21 – Transitioning Into Ceremonial Work With Music

40:01 – The Art Of Being In The Present

43:08 – How The Pandemic Could Affect The School System

45:33 – Api’s Thoughts On The Future

59:07 – Outro


About Api:

Api Ascaso is a ceremonial musician and occupational therapist for children, navigating both spaces with wit and grace bringing forth a new understanding of the transition process to becoming a better human for the world and for ourselves.


Connect with Api:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/iNhL9iV

Instagram: https://instagram.com/apilarre?utm_me


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