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Episode 25:
In this episode we discuss Daniel’s story growing up in Liverpool, learning to surf at age 9, working for BBC, moving to Costa Rica, his living experience in Costa Rica, the increase in numbers of people wanting to travel during the post-pandemic era, and “laptop living”.

When then dive deep into Daniels book: “IBOGA: The Root Of All Healing” and his relationship with Iboga, the history of iboga and its origins, the Bwiti tribes and the initiation each member has to go through when becoming part of the tribe, the process of extracting the psychoactive alkaloids out of the raw tabernanthe iboga root bark, what isolating the ibogaine molecule means for the future of treatment, what lead Daniel to try Iboga for the first time and the experience he had, the journey of writing his book over 6 years, spiritual bypassing, balancing the recreational use of psychedelics, microdosing, research and harm-reduction, Daniel’s plans for the future and so much more!

About Daniel:
Daniel Brett is a writer, traveler, surfer, musician, consciousness explorer. His search for the meaning of life eventually landed him in Costa Rica, where he now lives and writes full time. He is the author of the book “IBOGA: The Root of all Healing helped his quest enormously” as well as the writer for Noble Sapien.

Noble Sapien: https://www.facebook.com/Noble-Sapien…

Iboga The Root Of All Healing:

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