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Episode 28:

In this episode we discuss our “21 Day Meditation Challenge” and why it was created, the benefits of fasting and how to slowly implement it into your life, Darren’s drug addiction and how he overcame it, trying Ayahuasca for the first time at Soul Quest, the psychedelic renaissance, reconnecting back with our inner soul through plant medicines, the benefits of experiencing the medicine in a ceremony surrounded by like-minded people, trauma-healing being an infinite process and not something one can achieve in a short period of time, the most difficult thing Darren had to deal with in his plant medicine journey, being open to receiving therapy, the patient process of recovery, Darren’s plans for the future and so much more.

About Darren:

Darren Roberts is the founder of the Ayahuasca Integration and Sacred Vine Tribe group. After recovering from his addiction he became a plant medicine advocate, community builder, facilitator and supporter of those who are on their healing journey.

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About Susan Guner:

Susan is a trained somatic, trauma-informed holistic psychotherapist with a mindfulness-based approach grounded in Transpersonal Psychology that focuses on holistic perspective through introspection, insight, and empathetic self-exploration to increase self-awareness, allowing the integration of the mind, body and spirit aspects of human experience in personal growth and development.


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