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Episode 107: In this episode, we discuss the groundbreaking Apollo Neuro device with its co-inventor, Dr. Dave Rabin. Born from a desire to address treatment-resistant mental illnesses through non-invasive means, Apollo Neuro uses vibration patterns to stimulate the body’s natural safety responses, similar to soothing touch.

Dr. Dave shares insights from his research journey, highlighting Apollo Neuro’s role in managing stress, PTSD, and depression, and its potential in conjunction with psychedelic therapies for deeper mental health healing. This conversation not only sheds light on innovative psychiatric treatments but also explores the future of integrating technology with traditional therapeutic approaches for holistic well-being.

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:36 – Introduction

03:02 – Dave’s Background

07:19 – PS2023 Conference

09:23 – What Is Apollo Neuro?

14:31 – Where Can You Wear It?

19:30 – Psychedelic Studies

21:04 – Incorporating Microdosing

24:24 – Tapering Off SSRI’s

28:41 – The Learning Effect

32:30 – Study On Cannabinoids

40:58 – The Psychedelic Renaissance

47:21 – Psychedelics And Epigenetics

48:49 – Where To Connect

50:20 – Outro

About Dave: Dr. Dave Rabin, MD, PhD, is a neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur & inventor who has been studying the impact of chronic stress in humans for over 15 years.

He is the co-founder & chief medical officer at Apollo Neuroscience. In addition to focusing on integration therapy, plant and natural medicines, couples therapy, and medicine-assisted psychotherapy, Dr. Rabin specializes in treatment-resistant mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychosomatic disorders, personality disorders, chronic pain disorders, insomnia, and substance use disorders using minimal and non-invasive treatment strategies.

Dr. Rabin has always been fascinated by consciousness and our inherent ability to heal ourselves from injury and illness. His research focuses on the clinical translation of non-invasive therapies for patients with treatment-resistant illnesses like PTSD and substance use disorders. In addition to his clinical psychiatry practice, Dr. Rabin is currently conducting research on the epigenetic regulation of trauma responses and recovery to elucidate the mechanism of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the neurobiology of belief.

Dr. Rabin received his MD in medicine and PhD in neuroscience from Albany Medical College and specialized in psychiatry with a distinction in research at Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Connect with Dave:

Website: https://www.drdave.io

Twitter: https://x.com/drdavidrabin?s=11&t=yQZ…

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drdavidrabi…

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drdavemdp…

Apollo Neuroscience Website: https://apolloneuro.com/

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