Episode 97:

In this episode we discuss Fred’s background, what brought him to this work, his business “Welcome To Humanity”, thoughts on psychotropic medications, the difference between being uncomfortable and being sick, humanities insatiable need to be diagnosed, the missing link for regulating trauma, the mainstreaming of psychedelics, trusting the elders, Fred’s current projects and offerings, and so much more!

01:23 – Introduction

02:52 – Fred’s Background

08:42 – Welcome To Humanity

13:18 – Is There Value In Psychotropic Medications?

16:52 – Being Uncomfortable Vs Being Sick

18:30 – What Is This Insatiable Need To Be Diagnosed?

23:38 – The Missing Link For Regulating Trauma

27:30 – The Mainstreaming Of Psychedelics

29:21 – Trusting The Elders

31:16 – Contraindications

35:35 – How Did We Get Here?

37:50 – Tranquilized Obviousness

41:57 – Research, Due Diligence

43:31 – Ketamine, LSD, MDMA, Entheogens

46:44 – Fred’s Projects, Offerings

49:33 – The Global Madness

50:35 – Last Words

52:39 – Outro

About Fred: Dr. Fred Moss is a mental health advocate/psychiatrist serving in many capacities: keynote speaker, psychiatry expert witness, podcaster, mental health coach, and teacher. A desire to help people be real and heard has been the driving force leading him to multiple settings and roles as a psychiatrist over the years and compelling him to continually look for better, more effective ways to provide the highest quality care to align people with their most authentic self to deliver into an eagerly awaiting world. He is the amazing creator of Welcome To Humanity, The True Voice Course, Healing the Healer, and Global Madness.

Connect with Fred:

Website: https://welcometohumanity.net/

Thank you so much for joining us!

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