Episode 70:

In this episode we discuss Susannah’s background story, how military veterans are awakening with the use of plant medicines, how Susannah co-founded “House of Embodied Metamorphosis”, the medicine Susannah and her team work with, ancient tribes practicing group rituals, the power of group processes, Susannah’s upcoming projects and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:28 – Introduction

02:22 – Susannah’s Background Story

05:15 – Military Veterans Awakening

12:44 – Plant Medicines Recruiting Us

19:20 – House of Embodied Metamorphosis

34:02 – The Medicine Susannah Works With

41:47 – Ancient Tribes Practicing Group Rituals

47:49 – The Power Of Group Processes

58:40 – Susannah’s Upcoming Projects

1:02:43 – Outro

About Susannah: After serving as a Marine Corps Officer through two combat tours in Afghanistan, Susannah experienced a profound spiritual awakening to find her flow. Now she serves as a dedicated “Warrior for Peace” and Embodied Consciousness Guide. She co-founded House of Embodied Metamorphosis, a 508(c)1a organization that offers healing retreats and transformative coaching programs. Through this work, she guides others in Sacred Medicine Ceremony to align their spiritual and human selves, so they may remember purpose and find deep connection with their Self and Others.

Connect With Susannah:

Website: https://metamorphosis.ventures/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susannahroses/

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