Episode 71:

In this episode we discuss Sarah’s background, the entropic brain, her prototype: Meu and biofeedback device: Wisdom, what brought her into neuroscience, thoughts on biotech companies, working at Red Light Holland, observations on the psychedelic renaissance, the growing hype of psychedelic use, Sarah’s project: Radix Motion and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:49 – Introduction

04:52 – Sarah’s Background

06:22 – What Is The Entropic Brain?

12:26 – How Does Recreational Use Fall Into This Spectrum?

17:09 – Sarah’s Prototype: Meu, Biofeedback Device: Wisdom

24:44 – What Brought You Into Neuroscience?

26:40 – Thoughts On Biotech Companies

30:29 – Working at Red Light Holland

33:37 – Observations On The Psychedelic Renaissance

39:15 – The Growing Hype Of Psychedelic Use

44:35 – Sarah’s Project: Radix Motion

49:36 – Last Words Of Wisdom

50:33 – Outro

Sarah, is utilizing her research in cognitive neuroscience, focused on psychedelics, embodiment and immersive technology to connect humans to their body, each other and the environment. Sarah published the first paper on predictive coding and psychedelics back in 2017. She tried VR for the first time after a visit to Burning Man and pivoted her research, opening the first VR lab in the motor control department of Radboud university.

Since completing her Master’s she has been consulting and developing for many companies in the immersive field from pain management (Karuna Labs), bias training (Debias VR) and empathy-driven learning (Facebook). She has opened her own company focused on increasing the bandwidth of human connection with immersive technology. Her prototype called Meu has been hailed as working towards realizing the work of Terence McKenna’s vision (https://gen.medium.com/most-vr-is-tot…) by Douglas Rushkoff and called “Trippy and super compelling” by Kent Bye (https://voicesofvr.com/780-invoking-p….

As part of her work, she utilized consensual data collected from Red Light Holland microdosing app in the Netherlands as well as market research and scientific research to help inform legislators in Oregon, Washington, and other places and promote responsible accessibility to Natural Psilocybin products for adults.

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