Episode 72:

In this episode we discuss the benefits of laughter, laughter as medicine, Dave’s background story, starting a self-awareness journey, the beauty of paradox, having insights when surrendering, understanding what is pronoia and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:37 – Introduction

02:29 – How We Connected

04:20 – Laughter As Medicine

09:07 – Dave’s Background Story

17:50 – Self-Awareness Journey

23:14 – The Beauty Of Paradox

29:27 – Spontaneous Laughter Experiment

40:07 – Having Insights When Surrendering

51:35 – Starting A Self-Awareness Journey

1:06:24 – Dave’s Offerings

1:08:42 – Outro

About Dave:

Dave Berman explores infinity laughter, the Nature of Thought, and pronoia. His daily laughing journey has literally taken him around the world. He says “Laughter is the sound of joyful breathing.” As a coach, Dave helps people have a better emotional quality of life, often by surrendering to being laughed, a hypnotic, transcendent, and sometime psychedelic experience. If you have ever heard the cliche “laughter is the best medicine” you’ll want to hear this interview.

Connect with Dave:

Laughter Gym – https://DaveBermanCoaching.com/join

Stress Buster Buddy – https://DaveBermanCoaching.com/stress…

Mental Immunity For Parents of Moody Teens – https://DaveBermanCoaching.com/parents

Pronoia Experimentation Pod – https://DaveBermanCoaching.com/pronoia

Conspiracy of Blessings – https://facebook.com/groups/conspirac…

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