Episode 75:

In this episode we discuss David’s background story, his near-death experience, traumatized individuals seeking psychedelics, navigating the legal landscape, biotech companies using psychedelics, thoughts on indigenous traditions, transpersonal states of consciousness and kabbalah, coming out of the psychedelic closet and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:50 – Introduction

04:26 – David’s Background Story

09:11 – Traumatized Individuals Seeking Psychedelics

16:01 – Why Is The Education Front Important In Psychedelics?

21:42 – How Do You Navigate The Legal Landscape?

26:20 – Who Qualifies For The Vital Program?

33:37 – Biotech Companies Using Psychedelics

41:02 – Thoughts On Indigenous Traditions And Culture

52:20 – Transpersonal States Of Consciousness And Kabbalah

57:26 – Religions Using Psychedelics In Their Tradition

1:03:10 – Unexperienced Individuals Wanting To Serve

1:07:56 – Coming Out Of The Psychedelic Closet

1:16:23 – David’s Upcoming Projects, Offerings

1:23:11 – Outro

About David:

David Drapkin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Psychotherapist, based in New Jersey. At the age of 21 David’s near-death electrocution experience resulted in a profound change in life direction, away from his BA in Economics and career dreams to be a stock broker to many years spent backpacking, spiritual seeking and disappearing into nature and solitude. Since then, David has received two MA degrees in Social Work and accumulated over 15 yrs in front-line clinical, supervisory, managerial and directorship healthcare roles. David has worked for three separate hospital-based behavioral health departments, and was previously also the clinical director of an outpatient addiction clinic. David is a psychodynamic psychotherapist with psychoanalytic training from the William Alanson White Institute of NYC. His private practice has been open since 2017. David’s encounters with non-ordinary states of consciousness go back to his teenage years. From raves and wilderness psilocybin journeys to solo fasting meditation retreats in India, Israel and New Zealand. David is particularly interested in the intersections between transpersonal states of consciousness and Kabbalah. In 2021 David joined Psychedelics Today, and is currently the Director of Education & Training.

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