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Episode 82:

In this episode we discuss Gerardo’s background story, what brought him to this work, a healing journey with his brother Leo, the advantages of doing psychedelic-assisted therapy as a family, benefits of integrating MDMA with marriage counseling, Gerardo’s preparation work and preferred model, breathwork facilitation, stoic philosophy, upcoming projects and so much more!

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00:00 – Fire Moment

01:10 – Introduction

03:15 – Gerardo’s Background

06:55 – A Healing Journey With His Brother Leo

12:27 – Doing Psychedelic Therapy As A Family

21:25 – Using MDMA For Marriage Counselling

27:46 – Gerardo’s Preferred Model

32:49 – Breathwork Facilitation

36:00 – Understanding Resistance, Challenges

51:13 – Who Is Required For The Role Of A Facilitator?

1:03:10 – Gerardo’s Upcoming Projects

1:07:22 – Where To Connect

About Gerardo: Gerardo Urias is an author, breathwork facilitator, public speaker, personal coach, psychedelic facilitator, and an avid lifelong traveler and adventurer, spending his entire life since he turned 19 in places like Bavaria, southeast Asia, Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and Colombia. Gerardo’s recently published book, Taking Back My Mind: My Journey Out of Depression with Psilocybin Mushrooms, details his journey out of depression with psilocybin mushrooms, breathwork, cold plunges, yoga, meditation, time in nature, accessing “flow state,” travel, and philosophy. Gerardo is currently working on a documentary about his journey, a second book detailing his recent journey with 5MeO-DMT in Tepoztlan, Mexico, wellness workshops in California, and building multiple psychedelic healing retreats in California and Mexico. Learn more about Gerardo’s projects on his website: https://takingbackmymind.com/

Connect with Gerardo:

Website: www.takingbackmymind.com

Media: www.takingbackmymind.com/home

Retreats: www.takingbackmymind.com/retreats/

Podcasts: www.takingbackmymind.com/podcasts/

San Diego Events: www.takingbackmymind.com/events

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