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Episode 39:

In this episode, we sit down with Greg Lake (co-founder of EntheoConnect) to discuss his recent work in 2022 as well as his latest book “The Law of Entheogenic Churches (Volume II).” Previous Interview with Greg:

https://youtu.be/HQkciJYDnAE 00:00

Fire Moment 00:53 – Introduction

02:22 – Greg’s Current Mission

07:43 – Doctors Using Psychedelics

10:18 – Breaking The Stigma Of Churches

13:30 – Western Vs Plant Medicine

16:26 – Shedding Mind Programs

25:35 – Being Called To Psychedelics

28:22 – Greg’s Second Book

33:26 – The Importance Of Group Settings

40:08 – Recreational Use Of Psychedelics

46:33 – Having The Right Intentions

52:27 – From Recreational To Intentional

1:00:23 – Becoming Better, Self Agency

1:04:30 – Greg’s Transformative 2014 Story

1:07:09 – Susan’s Approach To Healing

1:10:43 – Confrontational Encounter Groups

1:12:37 – Remaining Present, Showing Love

1:18:04 – Where To Find Greg’s Book

1:23:34 – Greg’s Last Words

1:24:44 – Outro

About Greg:

He is a trial and appellate attorney, entheogenic church lawyer, consultant, and author. Greg helps people with legitimizing their psychedelic practices by forming them a legal entity/church and helping them with their doctrine and internal documentation in order to maximize their protection.

Connect with Greg:

Website: http://EntheoConnect.com

Email: george.lake@entheoconnect.com

The Law of Entheogenic Churches (Volume II): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09SL33168/…

Thank you so much for joining us!

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