Episode 2:
In this episode,
Susan Guner interviews Greg Lake. (co-founder of EntheoConnect)
He is a trial and appellate attorney, entheogenic church lawyer, consultant, and author. Greg helps people with legitimizing their psychedelic practices by forming them a legal entity/church and helping them with their doctrine and internal documentation in order to maximize their protection.

They go on to discuss the benefits of spiritual retreats, his history with propagating psychedelics, overcoming addiction and financial struggle, developing EntheoConnect, the safety put into legalizing spiritual ceremonies, mystical experiences, how COVID-19 has affected mental health, how the perception of psychedelics is evolving, the difference between psychedelics and entheogens, Greg’s upcoming book revolving around the law of entheogenic churches in the US, how his first book “Psychedelics in Mental Health Series:: Psilocybin” came about, his passion for helping people and spreading the word on psychedelic therapy.

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