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Psychedelic Conversations aims to provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions and insightful interviews with key figures in the field of psychedelic research and therapy. We are dedicated to bringing diverse perspectives and fostering meaningful dialogue that advances our collective understanding of psychedelics.

What we do

In the post-pandemic world, isolation, increased anxiety, disconnection, and uncertainty are significant challenges, indicating urgent need for new therapeutic approaches to mental health and well-being.

Our podcast and online courses offer insights and guidance on the global psychedelic renaissance, helping individuals make well-informed decisions about exploring psychedelics.


Accessible information

Simplified and well-researched content on psychedelics.


Working with non-ordinary states

The therapeutic use of psychedelics to navigate life-changing experiences, and the history and importance of non-ordinary states of consciousness in activating inner healing.


Ethics and safety

Guidance on safe application of psychedelics and essentials of harm reduction.

What our listeners say

“The integration tips are so useful! I appreciate the practical advice on how to incorporate these experiences into daily life.”

“The scientific discussions are very enlightening. It’s great to hear the research backing up the benefits of psychedelics.”

“Hearing personal stories on this podcast is so powerful. They really highlight the human aspect of psychedelic therapy.”

“This podcast has been such an educational journey for me. I’ve learned so much about safe psychedelic use.”

“Can’t wait for the next episode! The topics covered here are always so interesting and informative.”

“I love the in-depth discussions on this channel. The guests are always so knowledgeable.”

“The variety of guests and perspectives is fantastic. It really broadens my understanding of psychedelics.”


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