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Episode 27:
In this episode we deep dive into Inin Nini’s story of growing up in Latvia, how she discovered plant medicines, attending her first ceremony, taking a leap of faith to learn more about plant medicines in Peru, having a calling from the universe and trusting the process. The dangers of not understanding nor respecting the true tradition of these medicines before taking them, why some individuals have an “ego-inflating” experience when taking psychedelics, the importance of going into a ceremony with the utmost respect and honor for the plant medicines and facilitator.

Inin Nini’s fascinating thoughts on the dream world, the synchronicities between dreams and everyday experiences, writing down your dreams in a “dream book” to find meaning and symbolism, how her book “The Thirteen Dreamers” came about as well as her second book “Numinous”. Connecting with the sacred Nordic plants, “Mugwort” and the beautiful message it represents, why it is important to initiate feminine energy, balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies in order for the world to blossom, Inin Nini’s sacred marriage ceremonies, her plans for the future and so much more!

About Inin Nini:
Inin Nini is a Plant Mystic, Soul Guide, Medicine Woman, storyteller, author of Brinumskais (Numinous) and the Priestess at Inin Nini Sacred Marriage Ceremonies.

Connect with Inin Nini:
Website: https://www.plantmystic.com/

Facebook Pages:

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