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Episode 92:

In this episode we discuss Jackson’s background story, how he was introduced to plant medicines, understanding that psychedelics are a foot in the door and not a cure, creating a wisdom lineage in a communal setting, the benefits of microdosing, experiencing PTSD as a former policeman, understanding preparation work, the importance of having a healthy routine and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:18 – Introduction

02:46 – Jackson’s Background

09:02 – Psychedelics Are Not A Cure

14:30 – Actualising The Vision

20:54 – Creating A Wisdom Lineage

24:09 – The Importance Of Community

29:42 – Benefits Of Microdosing

35:51 – Experiencing PTSD As An Ex-Cop

42:59 – Is There Hope For The Future?

50:21 – Understanding Preparation Work

1:03:07 – Having A Healthy Routine

1:11:38 – Last Words

1:15:47 – Outro

About Jackson:

Jackson is a podcast host and retired police officer who hosts two podcasts. He served 10 years as an officer policing the same high-crime neighborhoods he grew up in, spent the majority of his career on tactical teams, gang units and violent crime impact teams. During his time on the force, he witnessed some of the most horrific things. He was in high-stress and volatile situations on a nearly nightly basis until he was diagnosed with PTSD and told to retire.

This sent him into a deep depression that was on and off for 7-8 years which lead him to move to the remote island of Kauai with his daughter and wife at the time where they were immersed in the culture for almost four years and then moved back to California, San Diego. Jackson never resorted to anti-depressants although they were offered many times, instead took the path of healing holistically with the plant medicine, diet, exercise mindfulness and Brazilian Jiujitsu. He also traveled to the Amazon jungle and taken part in multiple ayahuasca ceremonies, multiple personal journeys with psilocybin and have recently started introducing micro-dosing into his regimen.

The IncreaseLife podcast is where he shares the light and the wisdom that he cultivated through his suffering, interviewing people who can speak to various holistic modalities. The Soul Rollers podcast is where he discusses Jiujitsu, Life and Self Mastery. His goal is to become the best version of himself while helping others to join and do the same.

Connect with Jackson:

Youtube:    / @jacksongage  

Instagram: https://instagram.com/theincreaselife…

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