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Episode 11:
In this podcast we discuss Jason’s life story, how he discovered Ayahuasca, the advantages/disadvantages of psychedelics becoming a trend in 2021, not having to fear Biotech companies legalizing plant medicines, psychedelic discipline, looking for a sense of purpose and connection through social media, realizing one can never fully master a certain art form, the overwhelming journey of true enlightenment, internal resistance blocking one from their unlimited potential, medicinal plants being more/less beneficial outside of their natural environment, honoring traditions and what lead Jason to create the “Universe Within Podcast”.

About Jason:
Jason is the host of the Universe Within Podcast, a former actor, photographer, and Thai boxer. Jason is also a plant medicine facilitator and he leads his own tobacco healing ceremonies in Peru’s sacred valley.

Connect with Jason:
Apple: https://bit.ly/AppleUW
Spotify: https://bit.ly/SpotUW
Google: https://bit.ly/GooglUW
YouTube: https://bit.ly/YouTubeUW
Websites: https://www.jasongrechanik.com https://www.nicotianarustica.org/

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