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Episode 22:

In this episode, we talk about Joël’s background and how he discovered psychedelics for the first time, growing up with open-minded parents breaking the stigma of psychedelics, Joël’s thoughts on the psychedelic renaissance and how more people have grown to accept these plant medicines as opposed to 10-20 years ago, understanding that these plant medicines are not some kind of magic fix and that its rather a tool to help an individual when doing self-work, Joël’s thoughts on psychedelics becoming more mainstream, the responsibilities that come with using these plant medicines, making sure spiritual retreats are affordable and available to everyone.

Later on we discuss “5-MeO-DMT” and what it is all about, the profound experience one endures when taking 5-MeO-DMT, the true meaning of an “Ego-death” and surrendering yourself to mother nature, the preparation process you have to go through before taking it, how 5-MeO-DMT is extracted and the many ways it can be extracted, why Joël chooses to use synthetic 5-MeO-DMT over organic, finding an experienced facilitator/shaman that knows what they’re doing to ensure your safety when attending a ceremony, the “aftercare” process, Joël’s thoughts on the transition from “Kali yuga” into “Satya yuga”, and so much more.

About Joël:
Joël is an entheogenic yogi, has been a pioneer in the modern psychedelic movement, specifically in the realm of 5-MeO-DMT and the Bufo Alvarious toad. His unique approach of applying classical non-dual yogic philosophy as geography for both preparation and integration from the entheogenic experience gained attention around the world at the first WBAC (World Bufo Alvarius Congress) and continues to shift the landscape of psychedelic use.

Joël works specifically in the retreat setting and with over a decade of retreat experience, has curated a container that is meant to facilitate lasting change. Drawing from a combination of eastern, as well as contemporary western integrative practices, these retreats give participants a space to safely unfold, address trauma, undergo cathartic release, and have the support system to put themselves back together (along with their emotional patterning) in a way that serves their higher calling. With a heavy focus on integration and aftercare, participants are able to create lasting change and find deeper states of peace than they thought conceivable
Joël and his team at Kaivalya Kollectiv are raising the bar for psychedelic and wellness retreats, working in breathtakingly beautiful settings around the world, and led by top-notch teachers and facilitators with extensive experience. Safety is the number one priority, followed closely by a warm and welcoming container that is both nurturing and expansive.

Connect with Joël:
Company Website: https://kaivalyakollectiv.com/
Personal Website: https://www.itsallsource.com/welcome
Linkedin: https://mx.linkedin.com/in/jo%C3%ABl-…
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joel_the_en…

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