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Episode 15:
In this episode, we deep-dive into Jonathan’s story and how he came into the healing practices. We then discuss childhood traumas, toxic individuals in the psychedelic space, Kambo medicine and where it comes from, the “Phyllomedusa bicolor” also known as “The Giant Monkey Frog”, the history of Kambo and how the medicine is obtained, the strange procedure of taking it and the physical effects after taking the medicine.

We go on to talk about our programming in the modern world, the difference between Indigenous tribes vs the Western culture, Jonathan’s experience taking Iboga, using a timer when experiencing Kambo to help one understand where they are in the process, the “Planet Kambo” method vs the “Brazillian” method, Jonathan’s website and what they have to offer, spiritual narcissism, true happiness within oneself, the negative association of being alone, what is Hapé/Rapé? and how to smoke it, Sananga, and much more.

About Jonathan:
Plant medicine veteran & Planet Kambo co-founder Jonathan Gold, left an unfulfilling 10 year IT career to pursue a higher path of healing, self-discovery & enlightenment uniting him serendipitously with the transformational healing power of Kambo frog medicine.
Now a skilled facilitator boasting thousands of recovery testimonials, Jonathan escaped the matrix of corporate enslavement & lives a life of service, duty & soul alignment.

Connect with Jonathan:
Website: https://www.planetkambo.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Planetkambo 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/planetkambo/ 
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kambo-jon?..

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