Episode 98:

In this episode we discuss Jonathon’s background story, what brought him to this work, the mainstreaming of psychedelics, the lack of education and understanding regarding deforestation in the Amazonian rainforest, Jonathon’s Blog: The Delicate Nature Of Ayahuasca and Yahweh, ayahuasca ceremonies gone haywire, graduated medicine facilitators summoning celestial spirits, the entity exorcism’s in ayahuasca ceremonies, Reiki healers working from a distance, the dieta protocol and so much more!

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00:00 – Fire Moment

01:27 – Introduction

02:43 – Jonathon’s Background

09:38 – The Mainstreaming Of Psychedelics

11:20 – A Lack Of Education, Understanding

13:14 – Denver, CO Event – Psychedelic Science

16:42 – The Delicate Nature Of Ayahuasca And Yahweh

27:29 – The Intention Behind 3am, The Hourly Clock

35:48 – Have Ayahuasca Ceremonies Gone Haywire?

39:45 – Medicine Facilitators Summoning Celestial Spirits

44:45 – The Entity Exorcism’s In Ayahuasca Ceremonies

56:34 – Reiki Healers Working From A Distance

1:00:45 – The Factors Of Ayahuasca’s Precarious Nature

1:04:00 – The Dieta Protocol

1:04:40 – Jonathon’s Offerings

1:10:54 – Taking Ayahuasca As A 12-Year-Old

1:14:00 – Last Words Of Wisdom

1:16:31 – Outro

About Jonathon: Jonathon is an Ethnobotanist, facilitator and the author of Rainforest Medicine ~ Preserving Indigenous Science and Biological Diversity in the Upper Amazon. Jonathon has spent the past twenty-nine years studying rainforest plant medicine traditions. Since 1996 he has organized biannual “Rainforest Medicine Councils,” experiential workshops journeys, for “Personal, community and Planetary Renewal,” that have offered participants an intimate opportunity to meet and learn from cultural adepts, the mighty rainforest and the omnipotent plant teachers.

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