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Episode 89:

In this episode we discuss Justin’s background story, what brought him into this work, why Justin and his team have chosen to focus specifically on LSD microdosing, the legal system in Australia regarding psychedelics, the clinical trials at MindBio Therapeutics, the stigma of LSD being a man-made lab drug, the mission at MindBio Therapeutics and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:17 – Introduction

02:42 – Justin’s Background

04:16 – Why LSD Microdosing?

11:24 – The Legal System In Australia

15:22 – What Happens After Phase 2?

18:00 – The Microdosing Protocol

22:26 – Foraging For Mushrooms

26:01 – LSD Being A Man-Made Drug

32:03 – The Mission At MindBio Therapeutics

42:14 – Do You Get Any Pushback?

47:45 – The Importance Of Going Public

49:20 – Last Words

53:02 – Outro

About Justin: Justin is a co-founder at MindBio Therapeutics – a biotechnology company pioneering research into novel psychedelic medicines to treat mental health conditions. MindBio is the only company in the world to have clinical trials approved for LSD take-home use after successfully completing a Phase 1 LSD-Microdosing clinical trial in 2022. Two separate Phase 2 take-home LSD-Microdosing trials are fully funded and due to start shortly. With a scientific team of 18 staff, MindBio is developing a Microdosing treatment protocol for at-home use and is developing a targeted treatment, formulation and digital intervention for scaling these treatments in the primary health system. The company employs artificial intelligence applications to ensure the safe dosage, use, and administration of psychedelic medicines while pioneering microdosing clinical studies to treat a range of medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, chronic pain, and opiate addictions, enabling mental health patients to get new and emerging treatment alternatives.

Connect with Justin:

Website: https://www.mindbiotherapeutics.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinhanka

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