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Episode 83:

In this episode we discuss Justin’s background, what brought him to this work, his experience working with high doses of psilocybin, finding the correct dose for an individual, how psychedelics tend to bring up past trauma, current observations on the psychedelic renaissance, advice for individuals wanting to attend a retreat, Justin’s current projects and so much more!

Article by Justin on how to find the right retreat: https://psychedelichealth.co.uk/2023/…

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:47 – Introduction

03:02 – Justin’s Background

05:58 – Working With Macrodoses

11:06 – Finding The Correct Dose For An Individual

18:39 – Do Psychedelics Always Bring Up Trauma?

29:57 – The Ongoing Training At MycoMeditations

36:45 – Thoughts On The Psychedelic Renaissance

48:43 – Justin’s Advice For Selecting A Retreat

52:21 – Current Projects, Offerings

55:03 – Outro

About Justin:

Justin Townsend, CEO of MycoMeditations with experience as an advisor to start-ups, most recently in the healthcare space, Justin brings a blend of business acumen, leadership skills and a nose for futuristic health models to the MycoMeditations team. As CEO and also a retreat facilitator, Justin has overseen psilocybin sessions for over 1000 individuals and has administered thousands of high doses (consistently in the range of 5-15g) in group environments of 8-12 people. With a deep understanding of psychological frameworks—transpersonal and depth psychology—as well as holotropic breathwork, Justin is able to facilitate cathartic experiences through high doses, group work, and severe cases of trauma, depression, anxiety from individuals. As a direct result of Justin’s expertise, MycoMeditations is able to assist those with severe cases and offer a solution that would otherwise not be available to these individuals.

Connect with Justin:

Website: https://www.mycomeditations.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MycoMeditations

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mycomeditat…

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