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Episode 102: In this episode, we delve into Kevin and Yana’s background, exploring what led them to the forefront of the psychedelic medicine space. We uncover the intricacies of their involvement in ketamine treatment, with a particular focus on their work with young individuals.

The conversation navigates through the nuances of their process, addressing both the unique challenges and rewards of working with the malleable and open-minded nature of the youth, as well as confronting potential stigmas associated. We gain insights into their approach to screening individuals, understanding the criteria that may lead to exclusions, etc. Kevin and Yana then conclude the discussion by sharing their thoughts and aspirations for the future of psychedelics.

Please join us for a thought-provoking discussion in the world of psychedelic medicine!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:39 – Introduction

03:47 – Kevin’s Background

07:04 – Yana’s Background

12:04 – Behind The Process

15:22 – Working With The Youth

18:30 – How Can People Get Involved

23:58 – Ketamine, The Legal Landscape

25:33 – Young People Using Ketamine

30:51 – Navigating The Stigma

35:36 – The Youth Being Open

40:38 – The Screening Process

47:18 – The Future Of Psychedelics

52:30 – Where To Connect

53:59 – Outro

About Kevin: A mystic at heart. A psychotherapist by trade. A an entrepreneur by calling. And a psychonaut in spirit. Kevin is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Thank You Life, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to expand access to psychedelic therapy by eliminating financial barriers to treatment.

By providing grants for people who would otherwise not have access to treatment, Thank You Life is on a mission to revolutionize mental healthcare and participate in helping the world to heal. About Yana: Yana co-founded New Earth with Harry in 2004 and has played a key role in growing our organization from a vision to the impactful non-profit that we are today, having served more than 20,000 young people in Los Angeles County.

Prior to New Earth, Yana developed her business acumen in the consumer product and personal growth industries – managing and scaling organizations; building, leading, and training teams; and being involved in all areas of business development from marketing to sales to administration. She is a Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) Fellow.




Instagram: – @newearthlife – @thankyoulife_fund

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