Episode 95:

In this episode we discuss Kristin’s background story, what brought her into the psychedelic space, the divine feminine energy of ketamine, the stigma around ketamine use, creating the set and setting, the clinical vs traditional model, current thoughts on the psychedelic renaissance, working with traumatized people, the medicine helping connect people with spirituality, honoring the ancient traditions, the help provided for veterans with PTSD and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:02 – Introduction

02:21 – Kristin’s Background

04:31 – The Divine Feminine Energy Of Ketamine

06:35 – Is Ketamine A Psychedelic Or A Sedative?

07:26 – The Stigma Around Ketamine Use

09:05 – Creating The Set And Setting

10:50 – The Clinical Vs Traditional Model

15:36 – Thoughts On The Psychedelic Renaissance

19:21 – Working With Traumatized People

27:45 – Medicine Helping Connect Us With Spirituality

29:22 – Having A Religious Background

31:15 – Honoring The Ancient Traditions

35:26 – The Help Provided For Veterans

39:26 – Last Words Of Wisdom

46:05 – Outro

About Kristin: Kristin Stratford is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in rural Montana US. Kristin found ketamine in 2014 looking for ways to help with suicide and after working with humans and ketamine for 3 years, sees it as a possible tool to help people especially in crisis; to focus on life, joy, and possibilities. Kristin has 1000+ hours of helping humans suffering from trauma, moral injury, depression and pain.

Connect with Kristin:

Website: https://www.406Counseling.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristin-s…

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