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Episode 87:

In this episode we discuss Levi and Leo’s background and how they came into this work, the unique experience of Iboga and its long-term benefits, the history of Iboga and it’s origins, how the medicine is served in a ceremonial setting + dosage, Levi’s crew in Costa Rica, Ibogas purgative effects, managing fear and trust within a ceremony and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:22 – Introduction

02:47 – Levi’s Journey

05:35 – Iboga And Its Origins

11:20 – Leo’s Background

18:07 – Experiencing Iboga

24:13 – Dealing With Pushback

28:16 – Managing Fear, Trust

35:49 – The Longterm Effects

39:08 – Levi’s Crew In Costa Rica

43:00 – Ibogas Purgative Effects

46:24 – The History Of Iboga

47:55 – Microdosing Iboga

49:35 – Ceremonial Dose

52:25 – Health Implications

56:40 – Last Words

1:05:57 – Outro

About Levi: Levi is an expert iboga provider that helps people heal with some of life’s most difficult problems. People come from all over the world to Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica to deal with problems of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, substance addictions and non-substance addictions. Iboga is a small shrub from West Central Africa in the countries of Gabon, Cameroon and the Congo. Iboga has been used for centuries by indigenous people and more recently has made its way to the Western world. The Bwiti tradition focuses on universal truths of our life to guide us to living a full happy life. The Bwiti tradition is a set of tools we can draw on to guide us in life to making the right decisions for ourselves, self-love, managing the mind and to give thanks for the most precious gift, our life. Levi has a deep relationship with Iboga that continues to bless and evolve. Working with over 1400 people during the iboga process with care and dedication, Levi continues to dedicate his life to living the Bwiti path, and deepening the relationship with iboga.

About Leo: Leo is an Australian environmental engineer, adventurer, author and apprentice of plant medicines. Early in his adult life he suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and treatment-resistant depression. At a point of desperation, he began working with indigenous plant medicines in 2016 to heal IBS, his gut, and his brain. It worked. In 2018 Leo was initiated into Fang Dissumba Bwiti at Ebando in Gabon. He has continued working with and learning about plant medicines since, moving to South America in 2020 to continue his studies. Leo is passionate about helping ensure plant medicine’s; thriving, longevity, respectful use and conservation. His first book “The Iboga Experience” was released in February 2023. His second book “Mind Engineering” will be released in late 2024.

Links: Instagram: https://instagram.com/leo.vanv?igshid…

Leo’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Iboga-Experien…

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