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Episode 4:

In this episode, we deep-dive into Luis’ story and why he left his job at London Real as the head of production, how Luis felt that after he created “Re-connect” his life long dream had been achieved, his new home in the Peruvian forest, Luis’ experience with the Dietas – a plant-based practice for developing connection to the Spirit, Ayahuasca ceremonies helping enforce connection with the plants, the different uses for Dietas and the important preparation before initiating a Dieta, self-isolation and the discipline required to help deconstruct the ego, how important it is to have pure intentions when doing a Dieta, having a safe environment to experience the plant medicines, the importance of self-reflection and not to let life slip away, how COVID-19 has changed our psychology, how Luis’ documentary “Dissolution” came about and Luis belief in humanities synergy with nature.

About Luis Solarat:
He is a manager and a facilitator at Psychonauta Foundation (plant medicine retreat), he was born in Spain, became interested in video games and film, he then went to study film and started making movies whilst working with photography. Years later, he moved to London and found a London Real podcast which then unfolded into Luis becoming the head of video production and directing every London real documentary/film including “Re-connect”. His interest in Psychedelics began recreationally and this transitioned into a lifelong passion for Psychedelics and plant medicines.

Connect with Luis Solarat:

Website: https://dissolutionsolution.wordpress…​
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luissolarat​
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Dissolution…​

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