Episode 99:

In this episode we discuss Nasreen’s background, what brought her to the medicine space, her passion for working with psychedelic medicines, female-focused retreats, the importance of community, understanding that psychedelics are not a magic pill, details of the “Wellbeing By The Lakes” wellness festival, Nasreen’s offerings and so much more!

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:13 – Introduction

02:27 – Nasreen’s Background

10:55 – Working With Psychedelics

15:03 – Female-Focused Retreats

23:17 – The Importance Of Community

24:48 – Psychedelics Are Not A Magic Pill

35:53 – Wellbeing By The Lakes Festival

41:12 – Nasreen’s Offerings

44:03 – Outro

About Nasreen:

Nasreen El-Mariesh (Naz) is a a coach certified by the Psychedelic Coaching Institute, specialising in psychedelic integration, women’s empowerment and relationships: to self, our loved ones, and the Divine. She is a Co-Founder of Women are the Medicine, a UK based company offering microdosing programmes and in-person European retreats dedicated to helping women harness the power of psychedelic integration.

Their ultimate goal is to generate a positive wave of female-focused personal and collective growth, that will contribute to a more conscious, equitable, and abundant world. Naz’s coaching approach combines science, somatics, and spirituality to provide an expansive and intuitive coaching experience. By delving deep and approaching self-discovery with curiosity, she guides clients through playful yet profound explorations of their emotional and energetic existence.

With a decade of experience in organising luxury transformational retreats worldwide and an affinity for supporting other coaches, Naz brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching practice.

Naz is also a Festival Director for Wellbeing by the Lakes, a boutique wellness festival held at an award wining sculpture park in Dorset. Dates for the Wellbeing Festival: 7-10th September 2023

Purchase tickets here: https://www.wellbeingbythelakes.co.uk/

Connect with Nasreen:

Website: www.nasreenel-mariesh.com

Website: www.womenarethemedicine.co Instagram: https://instagram.com/nasreen_elmarie…

Instagram: https://instagram.com/women_are_the_m…

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