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Episode 7:

In this episode,
we focus the discussion on “dieta’s”, which is a contract made between a curandero and a particular plant spirit. It is an important part of Shamanic training to become a facilitator of the plant medicines. It is also used as a practice to heal oneself. Naysha explains it is a great idea to take part in a ceremony as well as a dieta to get the full experience. Before taking part in a dieta, one needs to fast for up to ten days. This allows you to show your deepest traumas and what you have been suppressing. The more time that one can invest into their dieta the better, since with each person the time frame may differ until one is healed.

I address the issue where a lot of people are coming to these dieta’s expecting instant healing, and even more so feel a sense of entitlement after only one month of experience. Where in reality, to be a true Shaman, it could take up to several months, maybe even a few years. Experiencing a Dieta is allowing the plants access to the subconscious mind and surrendering with trust, the western mindset struggles with this.

Naysha explains that for a person who wants to train, the first year is all about healing. As you train, you start to become your own guide and realize that the medicine isn’t going to do the work for you, it is you who has to speak to the plants so they can answer your prayers.
There is a problem with the western influence since in the traditional way when people came to heal, they didn’t have a timeframe.

We then discuss the importance of being humble when working with the plant medicines. It is extremely important we use these plant medicines with the utmost respect. Many people also have trouble spending time with themselves and that’s why this pandemic has caused a lot of psychological problems and depression etc. The practice of the dieta is to come back to our inner child and learn who we really are.

Naysha clarifies that a typical day – when undergoing training – is spending time with yourself and trying to connect with the plants, eating one meal a day and being restricted from distractions such as cell phones. The first ceremony is the opening of the dieta. The Shamans start calling the spirits of the plants to see which plant is appropriate for the person/people they’re working with. The shaman will then determine how much time is needed for each person. After the first ceremony, some people may want to master a plant over a period of time to slowly become accustomed to each plant medicine and its properties.

About Naysha:
A devoted Curandera from the Peruvian Amazon working in the shamanic field for 12 years. Trained by indigenous shamans. Born from plants, carries her medicine all over the world to help people awaken and heal.

Connect with Naysha:
Blog: https://naysha.blog/​
Instagram: @curanderita

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