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Episode 5:

In this episode,
We start by discussing how the pandemic has affected Naysha’s personal life, the struggle of bringing mother nature’s medicine into western society, the misconception of the medicine being an instant transformation tool, and the importance of the environment the medicine is taken in.

We then go on to discuss how typically in human nature we are always wanting a quick transformation, the “spiritual eagle” – believing that once you’ve taken the medicine you are completely enlightened, and the real hard work it takes to confront the shadow self and become truly awakened.

Naysha explains spiritual narcissism and the ego, the dedication and time it takes to carry the medicine appropriately and the truthful teaching of the plants to become unconditional and to love without the ego distorting one’s perception.

We also discuss the art of self-work and accepting what is, the important lesson of “listening” when taking plant medicines, and the understanding that these medicines can show what you’re capable of but that it’s up to you to fulfill your purpose.

Naysha then explains the challenges she had to overcome in her journey to becoming a Shaman, setting boundaries with people, and having to let go of certain friends and family. As well as becoming more strict over the years as a Shaman since many people aren’t truly ready to complete a ceremony and feel cheated when having to let go of technology and their comfort zones.

Lastly, we go over the notion of having to walk a path of darkness before seeing the light and attaining wisdom, the importance of forgiveness and its benefits for one’s soul, how going through a grieving process is crucial for an individual, and how having to be hypersensitive when doing a Dieta allows one to hear and truly connect with the plants.

About Naysha:
A devoted Curandera from the Peruvian Amazon working in the shamanic field for 12 years. Trained by indigenous shamans. Born from plants, she carries her medicine all over the world to help people awaken and heal.

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