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Episode 103: In this episode, we discuss Rachel’s background, what brought her to the psychedelic medicine space, the clinical and spiritual model of psychedelic-assisted therapy, and the work of both Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Dr. Gabor Maté.

Rachel also shares insights into her co-founding of ‘Women Are The Medicine’ with her partner Nasreen, emphasizing the empowerment of women coming together and joining forces.

We then explore the significance of breaking open, death and rebirth, archetypal concepts, and so much more! Please join us for an enlightening discussion on empowering women in the medicine space 🍄

00:00 – Fire Moment

01:21 – Introduction

03:44 – Rachel’s Background

10:04 – Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

14:03 – Clinical Vs Spiritual Model

19:44 – Dr. Gabor Maté

23:29 – Negative Emotions

26:32 – The Breaking Open

29:45 – Death And Rebirth

38:09 – In Utero Documentary

40:36 – In-Shadow Short Film

45:45 – Consuming Content

49:59 – Archetypal Concepts

54:39 – Archetypes Manifesting

59:04 – Empowering Women

1:10:07 – Community, Love

1:13:01 – Offerings, Projects

1:17:51 – Conclusion

1:21:14 – Outro

About Rachel: Co-Founder (with Nasreen El-Mariesh) of Women are the Medicine, Certified Narrative Coach and Third Wave Integration coach working with the modalities of story, somatics, and psychedelics.

Rachel’s practice is built around coaching people at thresholds in life, when it can feel like identity is disintegrating and people find themselves in flux and uncertainty. She’s a trauma-sensitive coach (having been on her own journey to come to terms with childhood trauma) and loves to pull on the power of archetypes, dreamwork, and creativity in accessing and integrating psyche.

Rachel is also a corporate escapee who overcame her left-brained business consultancy background to develop a fluid, intuitive coaching style, and loves to support other women to connect to their meaning and purpose.

Connect with Rachel:


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