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Episode 38:

In this episode, we sit down with Rowan – the video editor of the Psychedelic Conversations channel – to discuss his journey, get insight into his knowledge and experiences of plant medicines, as well as touch on other topics such as addiction and more.

00:00 – Fire Moment

00:31 – Introduction

01:50 – Rowan’s Background Story

03:35 – Creating The Podcast

06:00 – Thoughts On Psychedelics

15:39 – The Recreational Use Of Psychedelics

25:43 – Overcoming Addiction

32:41 – Educating The Parents

35:18 – Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

38:42 – Rowan’s Reason For Transformation

43:26 – The Infinite Process Of Growth

46:47 – Rowan’s Final Words

48:52 – Outro

About Rowan:

Rowan is the primary video editor for this channel and has been a passionate musician/music producer for over 10 years specializing in a variety of genres ranging from Hip-hop, Trance, Electronic Music, and more. This obsession with music lead him down the path of video production, filming music videos for local artists which later branched out to experimenting with motion graphics and ultimately working with clients all around the globe.

Thank you so much for joining us!

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