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Episode 24:

In this episode we discuss Rubèn’s story and how he formed his connection with nature as he was growing up, leaving Mexico City and moving into the mountains with his brothers, making music that honor their tradition and ancestors, Hurricane Katrina, the different rituals/ceremonies he has attended, re-incarnation and re-connecting with souls from a past life, his experiences with psychedelics such as DMT, learning about Chakras and vibration, discovering the power of the human body, using breathwork to focus your energy, letting go of fear, showing gratitude to the universe and truly loving yourself, Rubèn’s drum-birthing workshops, and so much more.

About Rubèn :
Rubèn is a Nahua native from central Mexico, currently developing a ritual music project “Origin Te Yon’ton” (Origin of the Heart) to share the path of ancient wisdom of understanding that everything is frequency and that our body is sacred where we can potentiate our own medicine and healing by harmonizing our body frequency and energy.

Connect with Rubèn:
Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/Originteyonton/
YouTube – https://youtube.com/channel/UCg60mi6A…
Instagram – https://instagram.com/3origin3te3yont…

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