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Episode 3:
In this episode,
Susan Guner interviews Sanne Ham.
She is a trauma integration therapist and an entheogenic guide.

They start by discussing her story on how she got involved in the Psychedelic space, how she became an entheogenic guide using Psilocybin, her near-death experience and how it affected her perspective on life/death and healing, the journey of self-awareness and how suppressed emotions are reflected on others, Psychedelics being initiators and not instant healing substances, the shadow self and how it is important to engage and confront your shadow self just as “Buddha” does with “Mara”, the painful process of integration and not to expect instant gratification, having someone to witness your journey so that you can obtain a more objective perspective, how Psychedelics are not for everybody and much more.

Connect with Sanne Ham: https://www.sanneheart.com/​

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