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Episode 23:
We continue our conversation from part 1 (https://youtu.be/d-Nq1CFYZCA)

In this episode, Vishnu explains to us how he formed his relationship with Psycilocibn at around 19 years of age, how in the last 10 years he has helped people work through their traumas by hosting his own ceremonies, the organic process of individuals finding Vishnu through networking, building trust with these individuals so they can allow themselves to unfold and ultimately accept themselves, the important dietary preparation before experiencing a ceremony, finding and feeling pure bliss, trusting the medicine and trusting the process,

We then discuss the great advantages of group processes, learning something new about oneself in every ceremony, the medicine helping you connect with your authentic self to find your soul mission, the dedication it takes to serve a plant medicine, spiritual bypassing and spiritual narcissism, the duality of the medicine space, becoming a healer of yourself, the fact that we all are innately good people and have the capacity to be good and do good, Vishnu’s introduction to the Bufo Alvares toad, his belief that Bufo is not just something you try and rather a calling to an individual, the notion that we are all one, and that the unfolding is taking place right now as we speak.

About Vishnu:
Bodhisattva, vows to help awaken beings to awaken one’s true self, realizes that there’s only one consciousness. Vishnu is a medicine carrier, wisdom keeper, facilitator and guide for deep self-work.

Connect with Vishnu:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IamVishnu1111
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamvishnu1111

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