6-week Integration program


The Reset Microdosing Integration Program is designed to offer participants optimal results drawing from our exceptional 4-year experience and expertise in the field of Microdosing. Our program delivers comprehensive educational content covering protocols, psychedelic research, science, and unique therapeutic processes inherent to psychedelic therapy. We focus on preparation, dosing, integration, and explore how psychedelics can be applied with various holistic and mindfulness practices, emphasizing intentional set and setting with added touch of ritual.

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This comprehensive course is designed by highly skilled professionals with years of trauma-informed therapy experience, aiming to guide you through every step of the way. The group processes offer a powerful safe container for individuals to delve into their emotions, despair, grief, anger, and uncertainty as the journey may lead to uncharted inner landscapes, allowing space for connection, co-regulation, and collective shift at perceptual, somatic, and transpersonal levels.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash


We now understand the deeply ingrained coping mechanisms, unconscious self-sabotage, doubt and fear as a way of survival and the necessity for experiential processes in healing are critical for lasting change. The Reset Program is process lead – leveraging introspection, insight, and empathetic self exploration to foster self-agency, and enhance self-awareness through integration of mind, body, and spirit aspects to human experience, facilitating personal growth and development.


Exclusive Community

Access an intimate, members-only group facilitating both safety and a nurturing container for your journey.

Interactive Meetings

Participate in weekly live Zoom meetings meticulously crafted to guide and support you through your microdosing exploration.

Holistic Structure

Explore weekly foundational themes designed to provide comprehensive framework to bolster and enhance your microdosing process.

On-Demand Personalised Support

Prompt guidance whenever needed, ensuring a seamless and individualized experience.

Curated Resources

Access carefully curated repository of resources, providing cutting edge information and scientific reports essential for microdosing practices.

Lifelong Connections

Lifetime access to a global community, fostering ongoing and continuous support for sustained personal growth.

Program Preview

Foundational Themes Explored During the Program

Digital Detox

A journey to reclaim space and silence, fostering reflection amidst the storm of external stimuli. Emphasis on cultivating calmness amid a sea of distractions.

Relational Awareness

Exploring trauma bonds and entanglements through the unique lens of the birth template, delving into how our early experiences shape our present relational dynamics.

Nutrition and Fasting

Reactivating our body’s natural immune system to support optimal physical health by embracing Earth-grown foods and rediscovering the transformative power of the ancient wisdom of fasting.

Awaken The Body

Engaging in natural movement practices designed to reclaim ownership of our bodies. These practices activate primal senses to elevate consciousness and expand our awareness.

Life Hack Principles

Introduction to straightforward practices facilitating the art of letting go, embracing a minimalist lifestyle, and initiating the process of detaching from the consumer mindset.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

I have never been someone who’s into those Spartan obstacle courses you have to climb over walls and trek through muddy waters but that’s what this felt like – a spiritual Spartan obstacle course.

Brianna Robles

The subtle nature of the medicine in combination with the fantastic support and education strucure provided, has resulted in more progress for me in this short period than in many years before. This is certainly still self-work, but the excellent group facilitation by Susan provided a wonderful safe space for this to happen in. For me personally, this level of safety combined with a great level of education about the actual process ensured that this was a highly productive, educational and empowering journey for me.

Nathan S. Calland

Susan is a true professional and visionary, she is doing revolutionary work that could change the world but most importantly help a lot of people. Microdosing is a study that requires people to be open minded and accept new ways of healing, she is truly the perfect person for that job. She has the ability to connect to people and always puts out a positive and calm vibe with both the people she’s working with and the people she is helping trough out their journey.

Levko Levkov

I feel completely different today, like there is a new me in me that I did not know before or I don’t remember at least. It’s very special that feeling.

Gunther Vallons


Join us to experience the power of Microdosing that carries the potential to revolutionise the relationship with yourself, others and the world around you!

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